【ChatGPT 教學補充】數學繪圖 function graph

截至撰文日期為止(2023/03/19),ChatGPT 還未能直接展示圖形,不過,若用戶有要求的話,ChatGPT 可以提供 step-by-step 步驟給用戶,教大家如何利用不同的網上工具或軟件去製作數學上的圖形。以下是小編簡單的示範:

Q.  f(x) = sin(x^2 + 1), how to visualize this? Any software suggestions? [f(x) = sin(x^2 + 1),如何視覺化? 有什麼軟件建議嗎?]

ChatGPT: [ChatGPT 建議小編使用網上工具 desmos.com 來製作數學上的 graph,並寫了每個步驟該如何創建圖形]

To visualize the function f(x) = sin(x^2 + 1), you can use graphing software such as Desmos, MATLAB, or Wolfram Alpha.

Here are the steps to visualize the function using Desmos:

  1. Go to www.desmos.com and click on “Start Graphing” to open a new graph.
  2. In the input bar at the top, type “y=sin(x^2+1)” to create the function.
  3. Click on the “+” icon in the upper left corner of the screen to open the options menu.
  4. Click on “Settings” and choose “Polar” from the drop-down menu. This will display the function in a polar coordinate system.
  5. Use the slider on the right-hand side of the screen to adjust the domain of the function and zoom in or out as needed.
  6. Customize the appearance of the graph by changing the color, line style, and other options in the settings menu.
  7. When you’re finished, you can download or share the graph by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

By visualizing the function in Desmos, you can see how the value of sin(x^2 + 1) varies as x increases or decreases. You can also explore the function in different domains and coordinate systems to gain a deeper understanding of its behavior.



然後,小編亦嘗試了其他 functions 的圖形製作:

典型的 functions:y=sin(x) 和 y = cos(x) 圖形

後語:ChatGPT 提供的 step-by-step 步驟挺清楚,而且建議的網上工具和軟件不一定付費,部分推介的工具是可以免費使用,沒有特別為第三方的付費軟件去背書。

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