【ChatGPT 實戰33】重寫更高階英文寫作

ChatGPT 的英語能力相當高,所以,除了可以要求 ChatGPT 自動生成文章外,亦可以請求它重寫你的英文作文,換上更高級的英文字,以下是小編簡單的示範:


Currently, Joe is a blogger who is enthusiastic about the latest technology, he learnt quickly on how to use ChatGPT when it first appeared last November. He tried to input different prompts for ChatGPT to generate blog posts if it can replace part of his work. He generated around 10 posts, these posts are all good in grammar and logic. What surprised him most, ChatGPT generates blog posts very fast, much faster than human writers. All the things look good because he knows ChatGPT can help him to generate advanced blog posts and he can do less work but with more money.

He recommended ChatGPT to one of his Asian friends, Susan. Susan’s native language is Chinese but not as enthusiastic as Joe about technology. Susan entered some prompts to ChatGPT, but Susan seemed not happy with the results and quickly gave up. She told Joe that ChatGPT is primarily for English users only. When she asked ChatGPT to generate Chinese written articles, ChatGPT could write an article smoothly because it used simple and easily translated vocabularies and phrases. Moreover, ChatGPT often used repeated words in the essay, which might not be suitable for her school work. She needs to modify ChatGPT’s generated essay before handing it to her teacher.

Lastly, Susan mentioned that teachers would use a ChatGPT detector to check students’ homework. She said she wrote a thousand-word Chinese written essay last night, but her essay failed to pass the ChatGPT detector. She is still worried about whether her teacher will trust her or not. Joe comforted Susan and said ChatGPT detector is one of the tools to check students’ work done by themselves, teachers will consider other factors like classroom performance, group projects, midterm test results to judge a student’s performance and ability.

問:rephrase the following texts with advanced English? [請求 ChatGPT 重寫成更高級的英文字]

[附上小編拙文, 這裡不重貼了]


Joe is an avid blogger with a keen interest in the latest technology. When ChatGPT emerged in November, he quickly mastered its usage and experimented with various prompts to generate blog posts that could potentially replace part of his workload. He successfully generated ten well-constructed posts that showcased excellent grammar and logic. Most notably, Joe was impressed by ChatGPT’s remarkable speed in generating blog posts, which significantly surpassed human writers. With ChatGPT’s ability to produce advanced blog posts, Joe recognized the opportunity to minimize his workload and increase his income.

Joe shared his discovery with Susan, his Asian friend, who is a Chinese native speaker and less passionate about technology. Although Susan attempted to use ChatGPT, she quickly became disheartened with the results and expressed her frustration to Joe, citing that ChatGPT is primarily for English users only. Susan’s request for ChatGPT to generate Chinese articles was successful, but she realized that ChatGPT utilized simple and commonly translated vocabularies and phrases, often incorporating repeated words in the essay, which may not be suitable for her school work. Thus, she had to revise the content before submitting it to her teacher.

Lastly, Susan confided in Joe about the ChatGPT detector used by teachers to check students’ homework. Despite writing a one-thousand-word essay in Chinese, her work failed to pass the ChatGPT detector, causing her anxiety and distrust from her teacher. Joe reassured Susan that the ChatGPT detector was only one of many tools used to evaluate student work. Teachers would assess other factors such as classroom participation, group projects, and midterm results to evaluate student performance and abilities.

後語:對比起中文寫作,ChatGPT 的英語能力相當高,完全有能力去修正大家的一般英文寫作,如果感到自己的英文寫作不太滿意,可以把自己的英文文章要求 ChatGPT 重寫一遍,換上更高級的英文字後,那會顯得得體很多。

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